Red Obsession .

Hi you gorgeous people !It feels like it has been years since I was last in here even though in real time it’s just months well and maybe with some more days ..About that guys …I lost my creativity somewhere but I’m back in full swing with some amazing posts .

     Today I’m giving attention to one of the gorgeous colours that I have been wearing a lot lately ..RED! It’s definitely time to break out those nudes ,black and white of past couple of months .One thing I’m going to do a lot is explore my feminine side to my sense of style …

    Let’s have a moment of silence to these wide legged pants ..I think they are so cool ..and did you know wide legged pants make have a way of making you look taller than you actually are …who would have thought ? If there were things I would love to change about myself it would have been have smaller tummy for longer legs but uh if wishes were horses right ? Anyway all is not lost ..I got this red number from citronella boutique Namanga DsM .

     My advice today guys ,wear Any pop of colour on those wide leg pants add a few inches of heels on them and we quite possibly can touch the stars’s called positive thinking guys .

   Have a great week guys ..X

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