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April 2018

The perfect Coords

Hey guys ..The weather is giving me  all sorts of vibes  ..just perfect ! How did you guys spend the long weekend ? As for me there was a lot of sleep and play in that exact order on repeat ! Yea..that’s right life should be simple sometimes just do the basics .

Speaking of simplicity , the typical me would normally try to work up a look of my own by throwing different unrelated pieces together and all the works but these “Coords “ eliminates the needs to all that thinking and calculating .No wonder they had me on a leash as soon as I spotted them .Its simple yet very chic .We all need outfits like this in our wardrobe that makes life a lil bit easier .Wake up ,dress up, show up , show out ! …that’s what this outfit is all about .Be minimalist whilst still making all that important impact , less is more they say ! Matter of fact simple and relaxed looks get more attention these days so try mastering the art of minimalism .Im trying myself .. I’ll get there some day soon

Thanks for stopping by lovelies I’ll see u again soon lovelies .

This outfit was bought in a random store in  China !!