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November 2017



Hi my gorgeous gorgeous friends!! I hope you had an amazing weekend?

I’m so into this amazing Leopard print blouse. These are the kinds of statement pieces I love to invest in because they easily take an outfit from Zero to hero in under 2.5 secs. My skirt was just a plain black until I threw on my Blouse and it did an instant 360 turn around. Tip? never underestimate a leopard print anything and perfect fitting black skirt , They are genius! I got this one from Zara ages ago but it stays fresh all the time… Talk about timelessness right? My bag tho ,I should take a break from it’s been my new bestie !

Thank you for stepping love by .X .Lavidos

                                                              Top- Bluechic ig (bluechic_sa) , Skirt – Zara , Bag -Zara ,accessories- prestige accessories