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September 2017





This is my epitome of a very sexy outfit- not a dress, but a suit sans shirt. I feel very ‘woman’ in red, and in suits worn like this. You know what they say about when it’s not broken.


I feel like a SUPERWOMAN in suits …and Red just screams confidence for me ..

What colours and outfits make you feel most ‘woman’?

OGS_3897reeeee suitOGS_3903OGS_3895

To say I’m obsessed with suits is putting it quite mildly. I must confess suits occupy up to 65% of my wardrobe space. To me they are edgy and full of character and that is soul. Today’s outfit is essentially all red . If you share my fears, grab a suit and rev up your confidence levels when next you are wearing all  red. A suit is all the fix you need, in the cooperate world but can also be won very neatly in events .

For the first time this  is a piece i have designed myself ,It was absolute fun tossing around basic feminine clothes and creating a masculine silhouette out f them.Let’s just say for me these days it’s all about finding new meanings, re-defining things and generally keeping the fun factor alive. I hope you are doing the same!

Peace and Love! X



Images by Osse Sinare .

Makeup by divaglam .