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May 2017

Oh my denim !


Oh ..hello ..its a holiday today and am sharing with you the perfect outfit to rock ..The denim jacket  !

You can never be denim over clad…the more the merrier, it’s as simple as that! Call me crazy but I must  say  I have a denim fever .I’m talking full on  denim x 3 or x 4 if you can find a way to fit it all in, then by all means do!  There aren’t many  materials I know that has the flexibility to handle an overdose like denim does.

Today I’m looking at a way to add the ‘funk’ to a simple dress or a simple ‘anything’. One good option is a denim jacket.  Denim is honestly one of the greatest creations of the world. How is it possible that anything under the sun pairs well with this one fabric, its insane! Basically,  if you have anything in your wardrobe you are beginning to find a bit boring, just throw on a denim jacket and it instantly comes alive. Thanks to vintage lads for my jacket, I don’t ever see myself ditching it. If you are thinking it’s too hot , what use is a denim jacket at this time of the year, it comes handy for layering  and also great as an indoor jacket and like I said it ‘revamps’ literally anything. Let’s just say it’s forever in season, you just need to know how to make it work for you every now and again.

Remember it’s not about playing by the rules or the usual, it’s just about having fun. have the most amazing week ahead guys! Much love from me, Lavidoz DW_L3244copycopy DW_L3246copycopy DW_L3260copycopy DW_L3262copycopy DW_L3267copycopy DW_L3277copycopy DW_L3285copycopy DW_L3250copy DW_L3292copycopy

Jacket by vintage lads ,shoes by Topshop ,ress (gift)…