Stretching your wardrobe ..


Happy holiday my fellow Tanzanians …yes yes Stretching your wardrobe ,one dress more than three ways to wear it .

Our environment and wallets have one thing in common… they both need recycling (A.K.A ‘heavy rotation’) not to disappear off the face of the earth!  So as a good citizen of planet earth and a huge lover of my wallet I have decided to show you today how I flip  my wardrobe, bend it over and backwards and beyond trying to save me as much pennies as can be saved and also protect the world from ‘fashion waste’. I’ll be stretching the usefulness of a rather cute floral dress .I got while ago and styling it in many different ways and hopefully convince you, it’s possible to have a few clothes but many! Weeks ago i wore it as along coat or a kimono and today am killing it as a dress .. need i say more ?!!!!!!!!!

Free your mind, there are many possibilities to be explored with your clothes. Never call any of your clothes old, they are new if only you can look in deeper every so often ,Ladies do the digging…..  ……Love.X.Lavidos ..


oohhh my love for slits is crazy ..i could do a whole post about them’s another number ..wink

DW_L1322 DW_L1358 DW_L1369 DW_L1320 DW_L1374 DW_L1356(1)Makeup by divaglam ,Dress- Citronella boutique(Namanga) ,Shoes -Asos ..

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