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April 2017



Hi Guys,welcome back.., happy new month ! Who  said BATIK is boring and  for old people ? I remember batik existed long long ago ,people nowdays prefer more the kitenge instead of batik ,i agree the prints on kitenge are fabulous and all but when i walked into Bijoux trendy store and saw her hanging on the wall ,theres no way i was gonna leave without her ,this skirt was handmade by her ,i was in love.  Fashion is all about having fun with how you look.… that’s the ‘fun’ in fashion I was speaking about. Always feel free to play about with colours,prints,patterns, related or unrelated, you don’t have to limit yourself.

It goes without saying that turtle-necks are the new scarves ,they fit perfectly .They are today’s ultimate accessories. Drape it on whether you need it or not…lol! The reason I say this is because it sort of has a way of bringing out the class in whatever outfit you have on .


DW_L1456 DW_L1467 batiki DW_L1452 DW_L1493 DW_L1490 DW_L1479

I hope you are all having a lovely week so far. God has been Good to me so I’m good. Thanks for stopping by again. Much love from me to you hunnys. Please dont forget to like and share this page if you are liking what you see *wink*…xo


Turtle neck -Splash Mlimani City

Skirt – Bijoux trendy [email protected]_trendy.

Shoes -Zara [old]