Something Borrowed .


So my question to you today have you ever thought of sneaking into your man ‘s or brother ‘s wardrobe for some fashion adventure ?What ?! yea ,That’s what i said! Dip into his wardrobe !That’s exactly what i have done here,Showing him i can rock his shirt better than he can. Don’t…. restrict the possibilities .

There’s an array of shirts ,blazers and coats available to your man’s or brother’s  wardrobe that probably has never crossed your mind .Think of it as an extension to your wardrobe No.2 hahaha !These days the mannish look is everywhere so why look so far trying to achieve this look when you have all the mannish things you seek right next to you .The moment i saw this shirt on him ,i knew it would look perfect on me ..wink ,so i borrowed it .To play down this masculinity of this shirt ,all i have done is scrunch up the sleeves so it looks like my size while its not .

Ladies allow your creativity to explore a little bit more .Since we are all obsessed with boyfriend jeans,shirts ,this and that …we might as well go to the boyfriend shopping corner and snag some goodies .The boyfriend over sized trend is a force to reckon with because of how relaxed yet edgy and overall  very comfortable .

So,how well can you rock the boyfriend trend ?Go on Covet that wardrobe of his !!!

Thank you for stopping by x .img_9028img_8994img_8988img_8989img_9025img_9017img_9020img_8984img_9027img_8996


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