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September 2016


Its Monday and its a holiday today  the excitement to play with the brightest colors in your wardrobe…at least that’s how I feel on this day.  No browns or blacks or nudes on my mind here… No way…just yellow and red .

Shift dresses are currently every where and you cant help but fall in love with how its neither too long nor too short. I might end up with tons of them before the end of the year as i find then so darn easy to style.  Its girl y, flirty, yet quite modest at the same time. Love it!

Lets talk flats ,i never do flats unless they are really cool ,i never invest much in them because i love my heels but these atmosphere flats stole my heart and they just cost me like 30,000tshillings ,lets talk about money well spent .

I love a little bit of character with the things I wear… might come off a little bit much sometimes but where there’s no drama there’s pretty much no fun. Shift dresses ought to be fun too, dig out all your fun and dramatic flats and make that outfit stand out without trying too hard.

Have an amazing week ahead sweethearts and thank you for stopping by. Love. Lavidos. x

Enjoy your holiday