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August 2016

The little dress.


Hi my dear readers ,i love the comfort of my boy-ish style but sometimes a girls just got be a girl ,especially when the desire to twirl and skip along the streets hits.There’s always something edgy about full dresses especially this one ,there’s nothing nothing wrong with showing a bit of softness to your toughness .

This Asos dress has been in my wardrobe for ages now ,and today am taking it on a different take with a leather belt which is a game changer ,i found mine from kiki fashion about 4 years ago and am hopelessly in love with it and i just cant put it down .i literally want to sleep in it I’m kidding !Lets bow down for these Amina Abdul Jillil shoes..damn its always magical when i have them on ,plays perfectly well with dress .

Have an amazing week ahead sweetheart and thank you for stopping by .,Lavidos.X IMG_2148IMG_2128IMG_2130IMG_2138IMG_2141IMG_2149IMG_2173IMG_2152IMG_2177




Are high waisted jeans the best style ever ?

oooh yes …after turning high waisted jeans into my uniform ,i am totally sold on this look hence my biased fashion take on the high waisted trend ,keep “em coming ! of course this style is everything you want and need in a look .They been hot in the 80s and 90s ,from those cool mom jeans styles to cool boyfriend cuts,to skinny jeans ,the denims all have one major thing in common ,the higher the waist than wed ever thought thought wed wear .

High wasted jeans add curves where they’re not ,keep everything into the right place ,super tight and fitted ,accentuate curves in the sweetest way possible ,and give a bit of retro -urban -chic vibe to a look .

Yes.yes.yes i say ,Elongating legs ,looking more professional ,hence even work appropriate when worn with blouses and tucked in shirts ,looking trendy when the weekend hits the calendar from work to the club ,they just be the staple we’ve been wearing while taking it for granted .

I’m just obsessed with them ,as i cant get over simple effortless look of my high waisted jeans and turtlenecks which are just so stylish and add a chic element to everything they come in contact with .I’m a fan .But you know what they say ,why stop when it looks and feels so good ?

Milk it while its hot ,why fix it if it aint broken .wick

Enjoy your weekend lovers in dem killer denim high waisted pants ..x .lavidoz




Hi guys !!! I know that most times we naturally go for the colorful things in our wardrobes when we need to dress up but nude tones would be the most elegant  alternative to bold colors and prints .I find pairing different shades of neutrals to be one of the most classy ensembles on the planet .It easily gives you a clean look without looking like your trying too hard . When you want to pull of this kind of look ,you are thinking ,beige ,gold silver ,grey,brown etc. If you have any of these colors in your ward robe incorporate them into an outfit and see for yourself how easy it is to pull off that effortless chic look …go on give it a try !

Today’s look can be worn to formal dinners ,cocktails ,fashion events and more ,i got this skirt form Zara ages ago and i dare say they fit that qualification 100% ,one of my favorite skirt ,am sure this is not the last time you’ll be seeing her on my page ,my turtleneck is by splash mlimani city .

I hope you are all doing good.Don’t forget to leave me a comment i always  appreciate it .Thanks lovelies ! X





Hello lovelies ….. sorry my dear Dames and Divas i have been  MIA but am back ,promise to shoot you with some interesting posts..

Everyone seems to be crazy about chokers these days so i have decided to join the party .I think it looks really great on people with long necks cos its quite visible and elegant when they have it on and then i think of my really small neck and wonder if it would really flatter me .Basically ,i have never been a choker person .The truth is ladies you don’t have to indulge in every trend, fashion is ultimately about what  works well with your frame type.However you should never hold back when it comes to trying something new ,this summer my bandana played as a choker .

Lets talk about how i have played my off shoulder with my red choker today …..drama drama drama ,the off shoulder(zara) is one cool trend it works well with all body types and frames ,i wanted this  look to be slightly feminine and fun so i played it down with this skinny jeans by Zara too .I always say fashion is about having fun ,play around with everything you have ,its not about buying the most expensive things ,its about conforming ,its not looking like others its just having fun and being you some days you feel sane ,some days you feel insane ,some days you feel sophisticated and other days you feel like a Queen. Feel anything you want ,just have fun with it .

Have an amazing weekend ahead sweethearts and thank you for stopping by .Love.Lavidoz.x

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ya”ll Reddy for this ? (dun,nuh,nuh )

Another day ,another mid skirt !its no question that mid skirts are one of my favorite styles to rock all year long .I love them ,you  can pair them with tights,booties and flats .When i saw this  floral skirt hanging on the asos walls ,they looked quite matrimony but it bugged my mind so much i just had to make it mine .There’s something about the loudness and  fullness of a full floral skirt .There’s so much character ,so much femininity and personality ….everything style should embody.If one skirt can give me all that then its definitely a winner !

This skirt does all the talking ,so the outfit really didn’t need much more ,I wore this with  a white top and blue satin pumps to make a statement ,my pumps are by asos too . This outfit is easily overkill to say the very least ,but i still think it works because you know ..less is more !Sometimes you can say a whole a lot by taking a simple color to another level when you totally overdose on your pop color of choice!With this really blue and yellow i was able to make a serious fashion statement .

Thank you for visiting again Lovely ! Lots of Love from me ! Lavidoz.x

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