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IMG_0916(1) IMG_0898 IMG_0887 IMG_0883 IMG_0933 IMG_0894 IMG_0891 IMG_0877Every piece in your wardrobe has double ,triple if not quadruple ways to be styled .Sometimes people ask me how many clothes I’ve got or how big my wardrobe must be and i always try to explain that the idea is to learn how to wear an item in 10 different ways when really you haven’t .Now that’s how to max-out on everything you own .This saves you from having to splash all the time .Girl !If you wear everything in your wardrobe only once and then you are out looking for the next new thing,i m sorry you know nothing about styling .This has nothing to do with how rich or not so rich you are. We have to try to aim to achieve maximum return on our fashion investment because being fashionable also means you have to be efficient in the use of your wardrobe or the fun is not worth it .So ,lets get these creative minds out of the box and kicking ,shall we ?

The first thing to know about repeat (recycled) fashion is to invest in styling basis .Things like blazers,the white t shirt,denims,floral prints ,stripey,little black dress(LBD) ,These pieces can  be worn a million times over without notice .I call them foundation to a functional wardrobe .Every other statement piece you add to your collection is there to facilitate the re-styling of those pieces .For instance ,this duster coat i posted it weeks ago  as a denim dress and today i have worn it over these Woolworth jeans and turtleneck from splash as a duster coat ,with the current  weather in Dar it  plays perfectly .I predict this coat/dress will  be relevant to me for years and years to come,since its denim ….talk about money well spent .

All am trying to say ,your wardrobe is twice as big as you think it is.Always remember ,every piece you own has stories to tell ,help find and tell that story you’d be helping the environment too.Thank you for vising again lovely!Lots of Love from from me !….Lavidos.X



You know how they always say” if your not sure wear black ” ?….well i think they need to add white to it .Black and white has always been and will always be my favorite fashion color go-to .Its clear to see why they are the primary colors in the color palette.They can be worn in any season and at any volume ,in other words,you can never be too black and white at any time of the year ….I mean they were not called primary colors for nothing ,right ?

Lets take a moment for this Lavish Alice cape blazer …my heart froze the minute i saw  it  ,i knew it belonged in my life , fireeeeeee ,the  fact that its a classic black and white and caped  ,its those pieces in your wardrobe that transform your look from 0-100 real quick ,with this look i wanted to be dressed up ,so paired it with  black shorts  from Woolworth  and i still had room to accessorize with my bag(Asos) for a pop of color … Snap ! that’s what i mean, in other news have i mentioned that capes are the” it” at moment ?There you go ..I’ve said it ,so don’t stay in the dark ,go get them in every design and  shades from dresses to blazers you can work and rock away !

Remember ,don’t be afraid to max out on any black and white item in your wardrobe cause its sure money well spent to spend them !…i mean  your black and whites not all your money . X

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Yay !! its a holiday today ,so let me bug y’all with a post …wick

Hey beautiful people its me again ,but back this time with Ankara ,words cant express how much i love these fabrics. They are forever gorgeous .In the past few years  Ankara has become a force to reckon with all over the world with celebrities and designers trying to put their stamp on them and boy i dare say they have put so much glam into it .

This African piece is by a Tanzanian designer bijoux trendy and honestly speaking she has stolen my heart with her creativity ,the high slit ,the patterns on this maxi  skirt …ooh lord she be killing it ,i choose this turtle neck because i like the simplicity it brings against the busy prints of the skirt .Slip on a pair strappy heels by Steve madden and you are good to go .

If you don’t have African prints in your collection i command you to get one now….lol no,but honestly its absolutely worth it and am not saying it cause i ‘m African ,i say it because its truly a fantastic fashion statement ,play more with your prints ,show off more skin ,go wild with  colors ,do everything be open minded about your wardrobe choices and you will inevitably boost your confidence ,if you are able to dress out of your comfort zone and still look fabulous ,that’s a win win situation if you ask .

I hope your holiday has been fantastic .Enjoy the rest of it my  people …Peace& Love