The One -Piece Closet .


Nothing screams comfort and convenience better than a closet rich in one -piece outfits .They are ready to go at any time .I love shirts dresses for this reason .They make you feel at ease and yet super stylish in a very relaxed kind a way ….what can a chica ask for ?If you are lazy about fashion or the type that cant be bothered with the hustle of pairing outfits all the time i’d say ,fill your wardrobe with the coolest one piece(s) you can find in any store.This way you do very little but still impress wherever you go .

If you are looking to integrate easier pieces into your wardrobe its not hard ,simply set your sight on shirt dresses like i have won ,jumpsuits ,playsuits ,shift dresses ,oversized coats or cardigans and even dungarees .These days even an oversized t-shirt will pass for a full outfit .You have nothing to lose stocking these up on any of these,they are a great investment ,you wanna know why ?They are pieces you can wear on casual occasions ,semi formal get together or even the sunny beach … about saving while you are spending ….need i say more ?

I bought this denim dress recently from my forever 21 and it already means the world to me .it is beyond amazing it is easy to style and i promise to do more posts just to prove this to you  i have finished my look  with these strappy sandals by topshop to make a statement with my outfit ,this red pointed strappy shoes always win my heart. Hands down !!!

Have a lovely weekend .image1 image2 image3 image1(1) image2(1)

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