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June 2016

Ramadan Kareem .


Hope everyone is having a blessed holy month .

Ramadan is here and some of you may be wondering what the most elegant ways to dress during this holy month are ,for many it is important to stay fashionable ,essential key pieces in putting out a Ramadan outfit together are head accessory ,the caftan,flowy dress or skirt ,structured blazer just to mention a few .

I am sharing this look with you guys as my first Ramadan post ,i was invited for if-tar and i had to put this outfit together ,so here i am blogging about it for my Muslim readers ,the pleated skirt came in mind first and i borrowed it from my sister ,shirt is by splash  i finished my look off by this  purple  head scurf which was a gift from a lovely friend ,I felt super elegant and comfortable in this fit .IMG_0748 IMG_0736 IMG_0769 IMG_0734 IMG_0750 IMG_0744 IMG_0763 IMG_0743

We cant stress enough how important it is to showcase your best element but having a humble and loving attitude is the key not because its Ramadan but because its the most important element in your wardrobe ,yourself ,your kindness ,it is the number one attribute to any outfit .

Stay Beautiful,Stay Fashionable ,Stay Kind .

Ramadan Kareem .




The One -Piece Closet .


Nothing screams comfort and convenience better than a closet rich in one -piece outfits .They are ready to go at any time .I love shirts dresses for this reason .They make you feel at ease and yet super stylish in a very relaxed kind a way ….what can a chica ask for ?If you are lazy about fashion or the type that cant be bothered with the hustle of pairing outfits all the time i’d say ,fill your wardrobe with the coolest one piece(s) you can find in any store.This way you do very little but still impress wherever you go .

If you are looking to integrate easier pieces into your wardrobe its not hard ,simply set your sight on shirt dresses like i have won ,jumpsuits ,playsuits ,shift dresses ,oversized coats or cardigans and even dungarees .These days even an oversized t-shirt will pass for a full outfit .You have nothing to lose stocking these up on any of these,they are a great investment ,you wanna know why ?They are pieces you can wear on casual occasions ,semi formal get together or even the sunny beach … about saving while you are spending ….need i say more ?

I bought this denim dress recently from my forever 21 and it already means the world to me .it is beyond amazing it is easy to style and i promise to do more posts just to prove this to you  i have finished my look  with these strappy sandals by topshop to make a statement with my outfit ,this red pointed strappy shoes always win my heart. Hands down !!!

Have a lovely weekend .image1 image2 image3 image1(1) image2(1)



I’m obsessed with suits ,with coming and previous posts you will realize what i mean ,its so bad i think i have them in every color necessary ,VANITY  I KNOW haha !So anyway today i’m about this dark blue suit number .

I find what to wear  depending on how i feel when i get up in the morning ,smart,funky,grunge,laid back or even messy (some days are for some messy looks)however in reality ,working in a professional environment means strictly following the smart look rule no matter how u feel when u wake up in the morning .I bought the suit from citronella boutique namanga a long while ago ,find they suit  my  curvy body shape so well.Remember you need to be comfortable in anything you wear ,its not necessarily about going for the trend but for what seats well on you .That’s my number one rule for always looking good ….you need to feel the part to look the part .

Because i just  love styling  ,you can have  two looks with this suit ….with sneakers and with heels …make your choice !it just goes to show how versatile suits can be incase you are of many still trying to understand this unconventional piece .So ladies update your wardrobe with a suit and you’d  be glad you did.

Thank you for stepping by again .Enjoy ! IMG_6900 IMG_6909 IMG_6891 IMG_6913 IMG_6916IMG_6890

I’m feeling Bright .


I’m feeling pretty colorful today …what better way to express it than in colorful coat and background.

A sleeveless coat is undeniably a signature piece to own this autumn .This masculine inspired waistcoat is simply a wardrobe gives you that polished look minus too much formality ….very easy and chic .If your crazy about colors as much as i am honey you have no business not having one of these in your wardrobe as i can pair your coat with with a crisp shirt or blouse ,a jumper,a turtleneck.Any bottoms will pretty much go well with them…culottes,pen-legged pants ,skirts and denim like i did today  seriously whats not love .

I got my waistcoat from Zara not that long ago and i remember once i mentioned how this piece pairs well with a lot of other items in my wardrobe .if your generally one for smart casual looks or perhaps  would love that magic piece then this is definitely a priceless piece to invest in ,I have teamed my coat with this Levis jeans i got recently and this bag means the world to me ,am not a handbag person but this stole my heart .Win win ..

Speaking of making a ‘statement ‘why not give your look or any other look more grind by styling with  leopard print shoes  by Kurt Geiger.I cannot over emphasis the versatility of leopard print footwear ,its unique on trend and extremely stylish ….totally worth every penny .I  have gone for casual look today because as u know ,comfortable style is golden .

Thank you for stopping by again .It ill be totally worth it if i have inspired even one of you today have a lovely weekend .

Love and love .




IMG_7087 IMG_7091(1) IMG_7136 IMG_7142 IMG_7095(1) IMG_7114 IMG_7103




Oldies but goodies.When you go deep into your closet and find that outfit you haven’t worn in years but is still perfect.

I wore a very similar look about a year ago ,but with all that time that has passed how perfect are they for this day .The style is still up to date and the fit is still perfection .That goes to show you ,some style and or trend should never go out of style.

In other words if one more style website or station says that the skirt  needs to go we are going to have a fight .OK not really ,but i will not be a happy camper .The skirt is bae ,and i will continue to wear it until my body says otherwise lol .

I love a well fitted skirt and this is the perfect one, the breathable fabric,the slit, the color ,everything about this Zara skirt is amaze ,paired it with this pull-neck from splash to finish off my look.

Love and love .                                                                                                               IMG_6833(1)IMG_6844

IMG_6828 IMG_6855 IMG_6872 IMG_6840 IMG_6856 IMG_6847 IMG_6873 IMG_6844


its my birthday !


Today ,I’m 28 years old ,twenty eight .  Twizzledy to the nizzledy .

(……….that’s a gangster talk for 28… ).

Hello 28 ,goodbye 27 !Is it time ,or is time  going faster ?is this a sign ?Am i getting older ?I am pretty sure the days and hours are just the same .However ,i still feel as though there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME in a day or week to do what i need to do .(rant over ) All joking aside 27 has been one of the best years  of my life.IMG_6983 IMG_6973 IMG_6966(1) IMG_6972 IMG_7000 IMG_7005 IMG_7011

Being today is my birthday i have been playing a memory wheel of the past year in my head .Its amazing how many things can change in 365 days .i have learned so much about myself this year not mention how important to it is to truly keep God 1st in all you do .

lord ,thank you for  blessing me with years of life ! Its a joy denied to many . And for it ,i am thankful . 28 n fabulous .

Dress by asos ,shoes CL .