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March 2016

The Classic Color Combo


Hello Thursday!

It’s been a long Easter holiday and honestly guys couldn’t wait to show you one of my best purchase in my wardrobe! It’s a coat by Zara and it’s multipurpose I mean there are so many ways to rock in this coat!

So today my outfit is black and white! Uumh!…. Whenever I wanna take my look to the next level then black and white is always right for me like daarrhh!… who isn’t in love with black and white?! It’s the classiest ever!

Well I’m gonna give you a few exquisite reasons to wear black and white!
Firstly, it’s the most classic color combo that can make you look Oh! Sophisticated.
Secondly, Celebrities like Cameron Diaz have set a good example of chic fashion in a black and white outfit! So why not you?!
Thirdly, the monochromatic trend has a very sharp aesthetic that exudes a stylish effect that never goes out of style!
Lastly, the black and white combinations are understated enough to work for any event on your calendar!

So today I’m completing my black and white outfit with the pants by Mango, the vest by Woolworth and the shoes by CI!
Gosh! I love my outfit soooo much that I wish Dar was cool enough to have it on the whole day!

P.S: There’s nothing and I mean nothing at all chicer or easier than styling an outfit that’s purely black and white!

Good day guys!



My Pumps Studded

You see guys, today is just one of those days…couldn’t find anything to throw on, not even to save my life but you know your girl’s still gotta look good…….simple and cute!
Looking for that simple and cute feel, I came across this blue ASOS dress I’ve had for years but never worn. There’s something about it tho, even with the heat in the city right now, could hardly feel it…it just works perfectly on my body. I could really just roll around town with this one for sure!

Want to dress simple but hey a little bit of sophistication is worth it and with these Valentino pumps, definitely the perfect blend of edge with the pointed toe pump! The studs on the pumps dresses up my look in a fashionably fierce way and I’m loooooving it!
See the whole outfit just brings out my features and hey…makes me ultimately unique, I mean ladies if you know you got it then flaunt it!
Happy Easter holiday everybody!





Nike Huarache


image image image image image image image image image image image imageHello weekend                                                                       Running into the weekend and Fridays got me like (insert salsa emoji here ) because we’re cruising into the weekend like hay ! I love casual Fridays , sneakers , no makeup , just lipgloss , glasses or hats .Heels are great and all but by the end of the week I want to be in flats .                                                                 Speaking of sneakers ,Nike huarache gotta be my favourites got them from footlocker paired them with these zara jeans and a classic NY hat is a great way to mix your sporty pieces with perfection , a plain tshirt is a must have in your wardrobe to transform your wardrobe into the next level .                My best tip for the weekend style is to be comfy , simple and cute ..                                                                  Happy weekend ya’ll

The perfect dress


image image image image image image image image

Lets talk dresses and dressing for any occasion . Dresses are one the flirtiest things a woman can own and their also crazy functions two . If you find the perfect dress , you can take it from desk to drinks , work to weekend and even work out to going out in a snap by making few easy adjustments . Everyone needs a dress (two ,three)  In their wardrobe .

It’s no surprise that all my favourite dresses are always bright colours , check , bold,patterns, classic ,fun high quality, bold , crazy ,fun , it’s been my go to shop for affordable dresses for any occasion , and today I can dress to impress for any occasion in  this surprisingly affordable dress by citronella boutique . You spend more time at the office than anywhere else so why not bring a cool, colourful element to the corporate style like this hot pink blazer by ASOS and theses bow pumps by candy just to keep things office appropriate .

Bottom line is you have to be prepared dressing up for any occasion , brunch , drinks , dinner you name it the perfect dress always does the trick .

Love and love