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Let’s talk a little bit about thrift shopping, shall we? Although thrifting has been around for ages, it was sort of looked down upon because people did not want to be associated with wearing second hand clothes. But enter the fashion blogging era and now suddenly thrifting is cool. There are ‘thrift pros’ who write posts and film videos to share the ‘tricks’ of the ‘thrifting trade’. We even have TV shows solely dedicated to thrift shopping! These days, thrifting is considered an art.

The pants am wearing on this post are thrifted and cost TZS 18,000! I could not leave without them seeing how perfectly they fit me and we all know about my obsession with great fitting pants. Without a doubt, these pants are among the coolest pieces I own. To upgrade my pants, I paired them with a simple vest from Woolworths and these sexy shoes by Gianvito Rossi. And then off I went to shoot this 70’s inspired shoot with the amazing Mxcarter of Slide Visuals. That was an amazing experience!

Do you thrift? If you do, what are some of the treasured pieces that you have acquired from thrifting?

A great weekend to each one of you!







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