African Queen

When a certain popular Nigerian artist released a song with the same title as today’s post, he probably did not know what he was stepping into. You just have to hash tag African queen and see all the responses that will come up. I am in no way implying that he invented the word/s, but his song made them a bit more popular, I think.

So today, appropriately being Woman Crush Wednesday, we are celebrating the African queen. Meaning we are celebrating you and you and you. And what better way to celebrate all the African queens (all queens really) who will read this post than with some beautiful African prints? For the far we have come, for where we are now and for how far we are going, let’s celebrate each other. We are queens! The world is ours to take!

To celebrate all the queens today, I am wearing a jumpsuit by an amazing designer in Dar es Salaam called Bijoux Trendy. She has some very simple but classy outfits pieces that are well loved and are worn by people from all walks of life. I will be featuring more of her pieces over the days as I love her designs.

A great day to each of you and just go out there and be the queen that you are!


IMG_5270 (1)







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