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January 2016

The Red Tuxedo

I have never been so excited about a Friday, what! Am I the only one who feels like we had two weeks in one?

Moving on, my excitement for this day does not beat the one I have for today’s post! Ten pictures in a blog post! I warned you about 2016 good people.

This AQ AQ red tuxedo dress has to be one of the coolest dresses in my closet. No, scratch that. This is THE coolest dress in my closet. Well, if I use those same words on another dress or outfit, please, do not hold it against me. The color, the flattering silhouette and the asymmetrical front detail are breathtakingly beautiful. So much so, that I did not need any accessories, except this elegant pair of Kurt Geiger stilettos, to complete this look.

As much as you would think otherwise, I believe that you can wear this outfit to the office (you can add a structured blazer to it if your office is crazy on looking corporate) and afterwards hit the coolest party in town, without a change of clothes. Or is there anything like being too sexy in the office?

Enjoy your weekend my lovely readers and stay fabulous! As they say, life is too short to wear boring clothes.












Sunday Best

Do not let the title fool you, today is only a Tuesday. Although it feels like a very chilled Sunday, thanks to the holiday.

I love clothes. I adore putting outfits together and if this blog is anything to go by, then you know that I wear all sorts of outfits. But allow me to confess about my love for dresses today. I absolutely love dresses and I have dozens of them.

In particular, let’s talk about the dress that I am wearing in today’s post. A dress which is classy and easy to wear, no matter the occasion. A dress which has both neutral shades and subtle bursts of color. A dress which has just the right hint of leather and flare. A dress that brings a smile to your face. This dress is a sure win in my closet and I think every lady needs a dress like this.

I wore this remarkable ASOS dress to church one lovely Sunday and paired it with my nude Christian Louboutin stilettos to tie the whole look together. I will definitely be blogging about my other dresses as the days go by.

I will leave you to enjoy your holiday in peace.

Thank you for stopping by!










Shades of Grey

Good morning!

Oh I am so happy to be back to blogging! 2 posts back to back, oh I am so geared up for 2016.

My addiction with skinny high waist pants is unexplainable. The one and only reason as to why I love them is because they are very easy to style and they are also absolutely fashionable. Combine that with the fact that this pants are in grey, which was one of the most liked trends in 2015, then you have a winning combination. And by now you know that I am not a trendsetter, but I love to be timelessly chic.

This outfit was an absolute favourite to put together as it was very effortless. The jeans, which are by Zara, are a perfect fit and the top, by H & M, is simple and elegant. Of cause, I completed the look with my Christian Louboutin stilettos to add sexiness to an otherwise casual look.

I wore this outfit for drinks with a friend. I swapped the top later with a vest as the heat in Dar es Salaam at the moment is crazy. We need a full blogpost to talk about it.

What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever they have, be safe and have fun!








Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Although we are 7 days into 2016, allow me to send out my new year regards and love right now. I know that I have not blogged for a while now but I want you to know that I missed blogging and I missed you my dear readers. So much has happened since I last posted but it cannot and will not kill my passion for fashion. So here I am, picking myself up and doing what I love to do.

As it happens every new year, we all set goals and resolutions regarding what we want to achieve in life in 365 days. This year, Lavidoz has jumped on the bandwagon. My most important goal this year is to be consistent in blogging, blending fashion and lifestyle, open to see where this platform will take me.

And as luck would have it, I have you, my amazing readers, taking this journey with me. I may not say it all the time, but I greatly appreciate your love and support. Above all else, you keep me going.

So here is to me wishing you love, light and happiness as you pursue your dreams and ambitions in 2016!

We can do this!

Love and love.IMG_9498