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October 2015

Time Out

Life, as we know it, is busy. A new week is always speeding by, a new month sprinting by and an year always seems to fly by! Before we know it, we have not yet read that book or magazine we bought, we have not had that date with a friend or we have not yet started working on that new year’s resolution.

That is why it is important to take some time out, every now and then, to stop and smell the roses. It does not have to be a month long break or a two weeks leave. No. It can be a few hours spent in the salon pampering yourself or an afternoon spent on a lunch date with a dear friend.

My recent time out was spent at one of my favourite coffee spots, Zanzi, where I had a few minutes alone to enjoy a cappucino while catching up with the latest fashion trends in my Vogue magazine. Naturally, I indulged in my me-time session dressed in an oldie but goldie Chinese-inspired dress from Citronella Boutique and complimented it with Zara shoes.

Enjoy your time out, however you choose to spend it!

Happy Tuesday!










Heart to Heart

As my beloved country, Tanzania, prepares to vote on 25th October 2015, as a fashion blogger, I choose to use this platform to advocate for ‘fashionably’ peaceful elections.

Much has been said about the oncoming elections and much is expected. But after all is said and done, we should remember what our beloved country is known internationally for: PEACE.

To quote some wise words from the famous Dalai Lama, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries….”

From my heart to yours, may we spread the message of love, compassion and peace during this elections!

Love and love!








So Kate

Once in a while, you will allow me to “try” and describe my love for a particular pair of shoes. Sometimes, it might come off as if I have an addiction, but I can assure you that I do not and, no, I do not need help. Shoe love is definitely real love my dear friends.

Christian Louboutin’s So Kate… where should I even start? This might just be the sexiest pair of shoes that I ever met! Please do not hold it against me if I say the exact same thing about another pair of shoes. I warned you, I love my shoes! Anyway, So Kate oozes undefined sexiness with the pointed toe and superfine stiletto heel. Combine that with the patent leather finish and the color red and I. Am. Completely. Finished.

The So Kate stilettos are so diverse and you can almost wear them with anything. They would classily compliment a pair of denims for a date night, a dressy dress for brunch or a formal attire for work. For this post, I went with this dress from Asos and accessorized with my fringe clutch from River Island. There’s nothing like a hot dress paired with even hotter shoes. Thank God the weekend is here!

As always, love and love!








Casual Prints

African prints… How cool are they?

From our local streets to international runways, African prints have, for some years now, taken over the world by storm, in every sense of the word. The prints and the awesome color combinations make for awesome fabric that can be designed to make anything.

Take this particular skirt, for example. I bought it from Kiki’s Fashion some years ago and I still cannot get enough of it. Its versatility is amazing, so much so, that I decided to blog about it. This skirt has seen the best of all worlds: from events to brunches to work, I wear it everywhere and it fits every occasion, as long as it is styled right.

I wore my African prints skirt with a simple white tee and completed my look with this fringe shoes from Zara. What better way to take prints to the next level?! You can tell from the smile on my face that the shoes transformed my outfit to a super cool one that I enjoyed wearing. For your information, fringe is big this season! From clothing to accessories to shoes, ladies, if you see anything with fringes, grab it and rock it!

Happy Wednesday!








Short Shorts

Thank God it’s Friday!

I would say ‘happy new month’ but it feels as if every time I say these three words a few days fly by and then I have to say them again. It is unbelievable that we are already in October!

Anyway, being that Dar es Salaam has ‘summer weather’ almost all year round, it is only befitting that sometimes a girl has to wear her shorts. Her short shorts, specifically, considering the recent heat in Dar es Salaam. There is absolutely nothing more summery than shorts especially denim shorts. From casual smart to killer dressier styles, there are endless outfit options when it comes to these shorts. Today, am just featuring one of the options.

I paired my Woolworths demin shorts with an oldie but goldie denim shirt. If this shirt could talk! I have won it a thousand times and in different ways! I compeleted my outfit with my favourites at the moment, THE Adidas Stan Smith sneakers! These shoes have been on my feet 24/7 since I bought them. I love the simple minimal all-white design as you can then pair them with almost everything in your closet to achieve countless looks.

Well, thats it for today! A great weekend to each and every one of you!