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June 2015

Date Night

I know we all watched the 2010 comedy/ crime movie called
Date Night starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey, yes? Just in case somebody
didn’t watch it, the movie is about a married couple with two children who
decide to go on a date night to escape the monotony of marriage. What happens
after is unbelievable drama that I would not wish on any woman ever, especially
on date night.

For this date night, I chose this charming beaded dress from Virgos Lounge. Now, Virgos Lounge creates super feminine vintage-inspired
dresses with perfect silhouettes and colours. Their dresses are just the
perfect balance of vintage elegance and modern chic. The most distinct feature
about their dresses is the intricate bead-work embellishments.

The beauty about this dress is that it can be worn to
various events, from date night to weddings. I wore mine with these nude Christian Louboutin shoes to magnify the beauty of the dress.
Our date night might not have taken us on a night of drama
as in the movie but we sure did enjoy ourselves!
Have a great weekend!







The Peplum Hem

The original peplum trend has been around for quite a while and we have seen all sorts of variations on skirts, dresses and tops. As if that was not enough, ASOS decided to shake things up by introducing the pephem. No, I did not make this word up but it is short for the peplum hem. This means that the original peplum has moved down from the waist to the bottom of skirts and dresses! This ‘new’ trend has taken over the runways and fashionistas, me included, have gone gaga for it.

This skirt is the perfect combination to make a statement and a great way to add colour to your outfit, what with the bold hemline and the neon colour.
I wore my ASOS peplum hem skirt to work the other day and teamed it with my Forever 21 denim shirt. I completed my office look with Christian Louboutin shoes. The great thing about this look is that it can easily transition from day to night. For day, wear it to work with a chic handbag and you are good to go. For night, you can switch up the look by adding a clutch, as I did with this T.J.Maxx one, and go out for drinks or dinner.

OOT: Let’s talk about my braids for a minute, thank you. I love them! They are a much needed break from my usual extensions and I love how they are very easy to style! They are definitely a breath of fresh air and I am enjoying rocking them!

Good afternoon!



The Waistcoat

I am not going to tell you that my favourite colour is better than yours,
but I know that we can all agree that there is something special about a pop of
colour in an all white or an all black outfit. My pop of colour, in this outfit,
is this Zara waistcoat.

Waistcoats are the epitome of elegance. They are perfect for layering no
matter the season. Their various designs hang beautifully on most figures
making for super flattering looks. They can be worn effortlessly over everything,
from jeans for a smart daytime look to dresses for an evening out.

I wore my waistcoat over my Topshop jeans and thrifted vest. I completed
my look with Christian Louboutin shoes. The pop of colour from the waistcoat
made me feel myself (hi Nicki Minaj + Beyonce lovers!) and gave my whole outfit
a wow factor! The versatile style of this waistcoat can be worn open to allow a
peep into the whole outfit or belted to achieve that high fashion look.

Breath life into your outfits this season by layering them with this wardrobe
must have!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and Love.

Be A Lady.

It is often said
that being a woman does not automatically make you a lady. True. But I believe
that some outfits bring out the ladies in us very effortless than others. There
is nothing like a dress that makes you feel truly and completely like a lady. This
Chi Chi LONDON floral print midi dress is that dress for me. I mean, if the fitted bodice,
pleat skirt and dipped back does not make you feel and act like one, what will?

The versatility of this midi dress is endless. I could wear it in multiple ways and for different occasions. The flattering style can easily take me from day to night. Whether for brunch, cocktails or to a wedding, this midi dress is perfect.
Midi dresses and skirts are on trend and although they are a feminine way to boost your outfit, it is important to wear them with the right footwear to avoid looking and feeling frumpy. In my case, to complete my outfit, I wore this pair of Kurt Geiger stilettos.

Whatever your outfit, always be a lady. Be courteous, sit upright and smile.

Love and Love.


The Black Dress


Birthdays are always special. What differentiates them,
however, is the new age that we turn and what comes with it. When we are
younger, birthdays seem more special because they are associated with theme
parties and eating too much candy. As we grow older, birthdays become less and
less about parties and candy but more about our personal achievements and
growth; whether regarding our relationships with our loved ones, our careers,
our hobbies, our goals or new business ventures. Everything really.

Brenda Della Casa, a New York based writer, wrote a very
famous article that has been shared millions of times on Facebook called “Being
Twenty Something”. The article talks about the joys and woes that come with
being in your twenties. The very first line of this article says, “They call it
the “Quarter-life Crisis”. It is when you stop going along with the crowd and
start realizing that there are many things about yourself that you don’t
I believe that this realization is called change. Turning 27
a few days ago came with a change that is reflected on the pictures below: I am
wearing lipstick! For the first time in my life! And it was not so bad! I was
actually very comfortable in it, for a person who has never worn lipstick
before. To mark this milestone in my life, and my birthday, I chose this LBD
from ASOS which I paired with Valentino shoes.

As small as it may be, change is as good as rest. So to all
women who are contemplating doing something for the first time, big or small,
do it! It is not, and actually won’t be, so bad.

Here’s to being 27 and fabulous!

Love and Love.