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March 2015


hello everyone and I hope you are all doing great .i love my outfit it’s the version of boy meets girl , with the heat in dar , this outfit is perfect for the weekend ! Hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I do.

 Jeans :topshop.   
                                                                      Tshirt  : the hunters                                                                 
  Shoes : adidas originals 

Thanks you !   XoXo


Some lessons we learn the hard way , I realized when I spoke to Laviemakeup when she briefed me about my prior makeup faux,she sees almost daily ,I am not a makeup person but I love seeing a woman in perfect simple makeup so I took my time to share this article with my readers            

          Crime No : 1:
  Applying makeup on dry ,

 flaky skin.  This is possibly the biggest sin of all , applying foundation on dehydrated skin will only emphasize the flakes by sitting  on them instead of blending in with the skin ,counter the dryness of exfoliating at least once a week followed by rich moisturizer , smoother skin means a much smoother application and finished look .                                     
   Crime No : 2:
  Wearing the wrong foundation shade  

         The right  foundation that matches your skin tone is the first step to having a great makeup , foundation is supposed to create a perfect smooth complexion and cover up any imperfections . This is why you should always use a foundation which blends in with your skin . Testing your jawline not your hand before purchasing ask for a sample .                                                                               
 Crime No : 3.    
Over tweezing or ignoring your eyebrows. 

   Well groomed brows enhance your eyes and literally change your entire look also remember over tweezing your brows too thin will prevent them from growing back , it gets worse as we grow older.                                                         
 Crime No : 4.     
Applying too much bronzer     

             Bronzer is great way to give skin a natural healthy glow only problem is that many people overdo it , when choosing a bronzer always choose one that’s no more than two shades darker than your skin colour .                            
 Crime No 5 : 
 Overdoing the blush.                 

                     Blusher is the perfect finish  to any makeup routine as it enhances your natural features thus it’s essential to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone ,choosing the wrong shade or being over generous with the blush will only leave u looking like a clown         
 Crime No : 6.  
  Smoking your eyes         

                             I admire a woman with a dramatic eye shadow and one of my favorite is the smokey eye but wearing a smokey eye can be very tricky never combine a smokey eye with a bold lipstick to avoid being over dramatic and looking overdone

 Crime No : 7
  plumping up your lips    

                                     Most of us at some point outlined the outside of our natural lips look bigger , problem is when it’s badly done using a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick on the outside of your natural lip line without passing over it , then working in your lipstick with a lip brush.                                              

  Crime No : 8
 Dark lipstick.          

                              Most women look fabulous in lipstick and feel comfortable with wearing about any shade but if your looking to add dark lipstick to your collection stay away from black lipstick or very dark plum , these are too harsh and can make you look like a vampire                                                                Less is definetely more when it comes to lipstick                

Crime No : 9
                                          re apply powder.     

 Don’t ever re-apply powder simple n clear  

Thanks you !   XoXo


  The outfit makes me feel Ooh la la ,something about leopard that’s absolutely special ,the skirt I absolutely love the slit and the leopard shoes makes me feel so fierce ! You can have similar leopard shoes at Lavidos store and don’t forget to drop me an email or call if you want me to dress just name the occasion and am on it. Cheers    

Thanks you !   XoXo