Blushy .


Maybe it’s just me but jackets,coats,blazers,cardigans and kimono’s give me so much life…. I’ve always known to draw some inspiration from the popular saying ‘ I woke up like this’. For me I feel it’s just another way of…

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Mustard …


Am back with more colors as I promised. I’m loving this citrus  yellow mustard kinda love affair going on here…it’s the lemons,oranges and  burgundy !!!! …the weather at the moment is giving me so much life and i will be…

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In those Jeans..


Hello guys…. I always get this question all the time ,where and how do you shop for your jeans ? Today i share tips on how to shop for the perfect well fitted denim ,Whats a good wardrobe without…

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Oh my denim !


Oh ..hello ..its a holiday today and am sharing with you the perfect outfit to rock ..The denim jacket  ! You can never be denim over clad…the more the merrier, it’s as simple as that! Call me crazy but…

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when it feels like adding an edgy touch to your look, then I can advice you to try military trend that is so must-have this season. I love uniforms and those ideal details that make any woman look fitted,…

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Stretching your wardrobe ..


Happy holiday my fellow Tanzanians …yes yes Stretching your wardrobe ,one dress more than three ways to wear it . Our environment and wallets have one thing in common… they both need recycling (A.K.A ‘heavy rotation’) not to disappear off the…

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Hi Guys,welcome back.., happy new month ! Who  said BATIK is boring and  for old people ? I remember batik existed long long ago ,people nowdays prefer more the kitenge instead of batik ,i agree the prints on kitenge…

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You’ve heard of it before, the little black dress. It’s a wardrobe staple that every woman should have at least one of. Pretty sure this is  my eighth one today…Needless to say it’s important and a necessary piece for…

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What is Fashion ? Fashion is a state of mind.  Fashion is a lifestyle, Fashion talks, it can be an understated whisper, a high-energy scream or an all knowing wink and a smile. Most of all fashion is about…

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Hello … hold up ..wait a minute ….introducing you something freeessshhhhhh ….. Street style at its best ,so this is the first time , I am bringing the man behind the camera ,behind all my photo shoots ,The talented…

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